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With a particular affinity for investment and project development, GOLDSTEIN is committed to supporting the latest and most innovative technologies and business ideas outside of GOLDSTEIN's usual business lines that make our world more sustainable and better. By supporting startups with future potential, GOLDSTEIN aims to help scale progress and development in various sectors.

GOLDSTEIN works closely with start-ups and develops its own start-ups to unleash the full potential of their ideas and projects. The start-ups benefit from GOLDSTEIN's experience and know-how, especially in the field of project financing and project development. GOLDSTEIN assists in the implementation of business ideas and provides support in the strategic planning and implementation of projects.

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Start-ups can rely on GOLDSTEIN for comprehensive support in finding funding opportunities.

GOLDSTEIN pursues a diverse range of ideas and projects.

These include renewable energy projects, new technologies, real estate developments, innovative business models and much more.

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