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GOLDSTEIN Investment specializes in investments, project financing and capital management. The company focuses on - finding, developing and realizing high-yield and cost-safe projects - which are successful in the long term.

GOLDSTEIN Investment is able to support its clients in all phases of a project. This includes, among other things, reviewing market opportunities and investment possibilities, searching for suitable investment objects, structuring financing models and securing contracts

The company supports clients in investing in energy and construction projects and has a broad network of experts to successfully implement projects. In doing so, GOLDSTEIN Investment works closely with its own subsidiaries but also with third party highly specialized partners.

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Acquisition of Investments


Project Financing

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Real Estate

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GOLDSTEIN focuses on strategic investments and a predictable return with an additional "airbag".

Through its years of experience in the field of energy and construction, GOLDSTEIN Investment has an extensive network of national and international cooperation partners. These partnerships enable investments to be optimized and synergies to be exploited.

Goldstein Investment attaches great importance to a high degree of planning and cost certainty in order to minimize risks and achieve maximum returns. The focus is always on exploiting the potential of investment properties to the fullest and achieving long-term success. GOLDSTEIN specializes mainly in real assets.

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